1 Month Down. 11 To Go. Messy Tofu Sandwich

Today I have officially been vegan for 1 month! I am so proud of myself 🙂

I’ve definitely had some bad cravings for village pizza but other than that it’s been surprisingly easy.

I’ve still had to make meat and dairy foods for my family which is difficult but I was able to keep it out of my mouth.

So how do I feel? Has it been worth it?

I feel pretty good. Honestly not as amazing as I thought I would but I think that’s because I’ve had less sleep and more stress than normal.

I haven’t felt much like making super healthy meals for myself so I might count crackers or a piece of toast as a meal.

Has it been worth it? Yes for sure. I’ve been far less moody and barely sick when everyone else has been sick.

I don’t think I’ve lost much weight but like I said I haven’t been eating super healthy. I also have only worked out maybe 3 times.

It’s January. In upstate New York. I just want to cuddle under a blanket all day and do nothing. I’m a mom to three babies ages four and under so obviously I don’t sit around all day but I’m definitely not as active as I would be in the summer.

I’ve noticed I have more acne than usual but I’ve been trying to increase my fiber intake and hope that helps along with a weekly Bentonite clay face mask.

I’m learning not to rely on food for emotion support. Pizza is not going to solve my problems, in fact it will make them worse. Anytime I eat pizza I get a headache and I get sick to my stomach. And that definitely doesn’t help me emotionally.

I feel like the month of January was just one sick kid after another and hopefully I’ll be able to focus on myself a little more in February.

Here’s what I ate today, an incredibly messy tofu mushroom avocado sandwich inspired by Bonny Rebecca.

Heidelberg Bread

Sesame seed coated tofu

Baked portobello mushroom





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