How to use the French Press for a perfect cup of coffee

To me there’s nothing better than a hot cup of strong coffee in the morning. In fact, I almost didn’t go vegan just because I didn’t know how I’d survive without a good dose of half and half and strong coffee each morning.

The French Press is definitely more hands on than your average drip coffee machine. But over the years I’ve grown to love the process of making coffee almost as much as I enjoy drinking it.

From picking out the coffee beans to making sure the French press is clean and the water is hot enough. It probably has something to do with the chaotic life that comes with caring for 3 young children, it’s the one consistent routine that I have complete control over.

The tools you’ll need for a perfect cup of coffee every time.

– A clean French Press, the one I have is a Bodum 12 cup because I often make coffee for my husband for work but if you don’t drink that much then definitely start out with an 8 cup.

– coffee beans, if they’re whole you’ll need to also get a grinder. I also definitely recommend fresh grinding your beans as often as you can because the result is far superior to pre ground beans, they lose their freshness very quickly.

– a teapot or some thing to heat water to a boil.

First step is to fill your teapot with water and heat it up. The quality of water will affect the overall taste, I use softened well water but feel free to use filtered water, distilled water or spring water.


For an average, not too strong, not too weak, cup of coffee I use about 1/2 cup of beans for 8 cups of coffee. But this is just an estimate because I very rarely actually use measurements.

Use a coarse grind of coffee for the French Press, I’ve learned the hard way that using too fine of a grind will cause a coffee explosion when you’re trying to push the grinds to the bottom. Yeah, nothing like scorching coffee water all over your hands and the counter to wake you up in the morning.

Now that you’ve got your 1/2 cup of coffee grinds in the bottom of your French Press, carefully grab that boiling water and pour it in. Its very important to make sure the water is boiling.

It all should like this when you’ve poured in it. I was only make coffee for myself on this day so I didn’t fill it up all the way but if you’re using an 8 cup French Press you’ll want to fill it close to the top.

Now grab a spoon and stir it, I recommend using a wooden or plastic spoon but I honestly only ever use metal spoons. However, I have also broken 2 or 3 French Presses, so yeah, I should probably be taking my own advice with the wooden spoon thing.

After giving it all a good stir let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Put the lid back on and then press it down and you’ve got yourself a perfect cup of coffee!

I’ve tried a lot of plant based milk creamers, and lately my favorite is just plain old soy milk. Non GMO and organic, of course. Yay for creamy coffee!

2 thoughts on “How to use the French Press for a perfect cup of coffee

  1. I think my French press’s instructions said to not use boiling water so I never do. You say it’s a must. I’m curious, does it make a huge difference?


    1. Yes you’re right! It’s technically supposed to be just under boiling but I always use boiling because otherwise I forget it and it gets too cold (mom brain!) and doesn’t come out right for me.


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