Fruit Sugar in Abundance

I often feel like I make food way more complicated than it needs to be… maybe because there are a lot of foods that make me physically sick if I eat them.

But I often forget to just eat simply.

My favorite thing about eating a mostly plant based diet is being able to eat foods in abundance. To not have to “worry” about calories or quantities.

When foods are in their most natural form they are easily recognized and digested by the body, not like packaged and processed food – whether vegan or not.

Fruit for example may have lots of sugar but the sugar in fruit is not equal to processed sugar. Fruit sugar is attached to fiber and is way more complex than just being labeled “sugar”. Fruit is easy to digest and full of vitamins and minerals.

Fruit in abundance is totally healthy for most people! And won’t make you gain weight or be addicted to sugar because you’re body actually needs sugar to function. Pretty amazing, right?

What’s your favorite fruit?

Champagne Mango all the way for me! 🍊🍏🥭🍌

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