My Top 10 Baby Essentials – 8 Months old

Tomorrow Silas will be 9 Months old so I thought I’d put together a minimalist list of the baby items I use every day with him, my third baby.

1. Diapers & Wipes – I use a mix of cloth and disposables but honestly mostly disposables because it’s baby #3 we’re talking about.

2. Clothes – it’s the dead of winter but unless we are going outside he generally just wears a onesie or T-shirt and leggings (Sometimes socks, never matching). It makes it easier for him to get around now that he’s crawling, and diaper changes are also much simpler (And less laundry).

3. Blankets. I absolutely love my Aden and Anais dream blankets. Little Unicorn also has amazing soft blankets.

4. A safe sleeping space. Silas has started the transition of sleeping in his crib in Finley’s room during nap times and the first part of the night. But once he wakes up at night I bring him to our bed. We have a full size bed pushed up next to our bed and when he’s gone back to sleep I put him in the full size bed. Sadly, he has pretty much grown out of his Dockatot. He will still sleep in it a little bit but mostly he just pushes himself out and ends up sleeping half in it or next to it.

5. Baby food. Whether homemade or store bought. Store bought is more convenient, homemade is cheaper and probably healthier. I try to always buy organic for my little guy. Or if he is still breastfeeding strong then I just let him eat little bites of my food and mostly skip the designated baby food. Those little baby puffs are a life saver in the car since they dissolve, the only problem I have with them is that the older siblings gobble them up every chance they get!

6. Sippy Cup

7. Toys, teethers and stuffed animals. However, Silas generally has no interest in any of these things. The ones I got him for Christmas he doesn’t care about at all (his big sister likes them though). The one toy that he does like is this activity table that he can hold on to and play with.

** Silas hates getting his diaper changed so I have a few small toys I keep on his changing table just for diaper changes. They usually keep him occupied just long enough

8. High Chair

9. Super Comfy Rocking Chair

10. A song he loves. Each of my kids have had a song that they absolutely love and it always makes them stop crying and puts them to sleep. I highly recommend finding one that your baby loves. Silas loves “Sunset Lover” by Petit Biscuit, Rose loved “Die A Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett and Finley’s song of choice was “What Does the Fox Say?” By Ylvis (Silas likes that one too).

So there ya have it. My 10 must haves for babies 8 months old. Definitely a lot less than what I thought I needed back when I first became a mom!

I also have a couple of optional items that mostly depend on your baby and the situation.


Breast Pump

Baby Spoons

Organic Formula

Baby Body Wash/Shampoo (Silas uses mine)

Baby bathtub

Dockatot/Baby bed