Hi, I’m new here – 2018 GOALS

I’m beyond excited to have finally kicked myself in the butt and started this blog. Finally. Its been alive for years in my head but now everything has aligned. I’m here, and I’m doing what God has put on my heart to do.

My name is Lauren. I’m currently 28 years old (maybe 27, but I’m pretty sure its 28).

I’m married to the most wonderful man on earth, who is my super hero every single day, even on days I blame him for everything that goes wrong in my life. Yes, first world problems, yes I actually caused 99% of these problems, but he still gets the blame (I’m working on that). Thank you Misael for being my rock, my baby daddy and for loving me unconditionally.

Together we reside in upstate New York. In a beautiful little town with one traffic light and all the influence of New York City. High end restaurants, gorgeous boutiques and the best Sunday Farmer’s Market. A town that I avoid as much as possible during the weekends because it becomes an entirely different place. Packed with weekend city residents looking for a bit of the country.

We live on my parent’s little “farm” next door to the house I grew up in. My parents are our neighbors to left and my brother and his wife are our neighbors to the right. The sheep, chickens, donkeys and seasonal cows all belong to my Mom and Dad.

2017 was the year of the goats for us, but now we only have one pet, a 4 year old blue heeler that goes by Miya (My husband still makes fun of me for spelling it Miya when its pronounced Maya).

We have three children. Finley is 4, Rose is 2 and baby Bubba aka Silas is 8 months (I love how I can easily remember their ages but not my own… I wonder who’s to blame for that?).

So getting right down to it, my goals for 2018. I’ve honestly never made a resolution before. Other than that one time when I thought I needed to lose 10lbs but that went out the door in like 2 days. This year is different. I can feel it, I believe in myself, I’ve grown so much as a person in the past few years and have really found my identity in Jesus.

So one of my goals was to start this blog. Check. Its been in my head for years. I’ve started one multiple times and it always fizzles because I just wasn’t in a healthy place in my life and could not commit to something big like this.

Now I have a clear vision for this space. I want to share my healthy habits and mindsets that have changed me. I’m a mom so naturally I have some good advice on babies and toddlers. I’m a wife. I’m an artist, a photographer, a knitter, I like to make things with my hands and be as frugal as possible. I like a good strong cup of coffee. I love gardening and being outside. I love to cook and now I am transitioning into a vegan lifestyle.

Which is actually my #1 goal for this year. One year of being vegan. One year of eating only plant based foods with no dairy, no meat, no eggs, no cheese and really limiting my gluten intake. My only exception is honey occasionally.

My goal #2 is to read my Bible every single day, but I actually made this secondary to a vegan lifestyle because that is how much food affects me. It affects every single aspect of my life. I know for sure that I will lose all motivation for everything as soon as I start eating a standard American diet again.

I can’t be the woman God has called me to be when I put food before everything else. I know for a fact that when I eat a cheeseburger I will get a headache and stomachache within 10 minutes and the next day my mood will shift negatively. So for me, sticking to eating only vegan is my only option for a happy, fulfilling, God centered life.

Maybe this is a topic for another time, but the first time I went vegan for one and a half weeks I felt like a new person. A person I had never met before. I was happy, truly happy and laughing with my children like I never had. Within 3 days. Thats all it took. I’ve done this cycle twice already and I’m tired of it, I’m tired of feeling like crap when I fall off the wagon, so here I am, committing to an entire year of vegan. And, I’m so excited about it!

What about you? I’d love to hear your goals for 2018. Share them in the comments!

❤ Lauren